Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hamas corrupt men of violence - Israel's heroes of peace!

For The Fallen Heroes of Peace 
Hamas; the word originates as a Biblical term to depict the corrupt psyche of man in the period before the great flood of Noah. Back then, the world was filled with people who had become corrupt by an alternate reality antithetical to Noah's. Mans distinctive, irreconcilable, schizophrenic condition was settled by the events of the flood that eliminated all corrupt, alternate thinkers except one - Og, King of Bashan!

Bashan, approximately Syria's Damascus, was the kingdom where this mental corruption had become entrenched.  During the flood Og held onto the back of Noah's Ark, the protective righteous cocoon that heralded Noah's new world.  The remnant Og, survived the watery onslaught allowing him to cast Hamas's psychological shadow to a lineage that would once again rise to perpetuate a corrupt mindset.

Moral reality is corrupted by the Hamas nemesis, the alternative where jealousy, envy and incest promote twisted conduct into apathetic society. In the way that inbreeding first affects core family groups, Hamas spreads its warped morality to greater communities like an infestation that demands rapid replication and influence. There, Hamas preys on the socially inept who succumb to their doomed future.

Today's 'conduct unbecoming' by prominent society members exploits Hamas corruption only highlighting the incestuous nature of its millennial psychosis.  Its far reaching influence into the mindset of cultures and civilizations since Noah demonstrates its remarkable resilience. Those corrupted by it will almost always fail to understand or sympathize with the view of those who recognize and are destined to destroy it.

Governments, including of some of the most populous nations have fallen victim to the moral repugnance that is Hamas. Their frequent liberal leaning permits authority to tolerate those who rally to publicly bash the moral dogma central to their eroding conservative culture, a sure sign that Hamas has achieved its infectious goal.

In Noah's day, the high moral scepter passed to his son Shem who became the high priest of Salem, Jerusalem. Shem personified this new moral reality to which Noah subscribed. Shem, Malchitzedek, The Righteous. King, fully embraced the moral code that will eventually defeat the Hamas remnant. The Jewish lineage carried that righteous moral standard through Shem.

For the entire time Noah's Ark bobbed in the turbulent waters, Og was maintained on a thin wooden ledge. Then, around 400 years after the flood we find a transformed Og, King of Bashan who himself had reformed to become Eliezer, the trusted servant of Abraham the moral monotheist. But, the cat was out of the bag and to this very day, Israel and the world's nemesis, Hamas also masquerades as a mindset, a dark infusion that penetrates the moral clarity of Israel, nations and their leaders.

When you next read the words of media giants, diplomats, religious or lay leaders or posters to social media, stop and think whether or not they are corrupted by the Hamas effect. Then thankfully consider this 4000 year inbred mindset is finally being confronted by Israel's righteous heroes in Gaza. Oppose the Hamas ethic, be strengthened, wish Israel's soldiers, who fight for Noah's reality, good-luck, God speed and pray that the souls of the fallen will be heralded by you and your descendants!

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