Thursday, August 20, 2015

Once We Were Kings!

Of the end of days prophecy, Daniel 8:22 says - One was broken and four came instead - that means: four kingdoms will arise out of a nation, but without its power. When their kingdoms are at an end, when the measure of transgressions has been fulfilled, then a king will arise, impudent and versed in intrigue. He will have great strength, but not through his own strength. He will be extraordinarily destructive; he will prosper in what he does, and destroy the mighty and the people of holy ones. By his cunning, he will use deceit successfully. He will make great plans, will destroy many, taking them unawares and will rise up against the chief of chiefs, but will be broken, not by human hands.  

What you're about to read is an (edited) explanation provided by Rabbi Eliyahu Bunin on Rabbi Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman known as the Vilna Gaon, who was commenting on The Zohar of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai. From the Book Sod (Secrets) Ha'chashmal- on the end of days prophecy.

It is written there will be 44 kings of Edom. The 45th, the Zohar says will not arise, and 45 is gematria (Hebrew numerology) 'geula' (redemption). The Zohar gives very clear signs about the 44th King of Edom including his three inherent lineages - Eisav (Esau Jacob's son), Yishmael (Ab(v)ram's first son with Pharaoh's daughter Hagar), and Ham (Noah's son). A possible allusion to President Barack Obama?

How do we know that Edom is America and not Rome as per tradition and that these are the end of days? Each nation using the Eagle on their flags or coat of arms descends in some way from (Esau) and is part of the nation of Edom. The USA is the last of the great Edomic nations. The Vilna Gaon explains Rabbi Shimon was explaining the secret of the last lines of the book of Daniel 12:12: The signs of Moshiach (Messiah) will be seen in the 1290th year; lucky is the one who lives and sees the year 1335. The difference is 45 and a hint of 'geula' (redemption). Rabbi Shimon explains the secret of the year 1290...

When Yishmael died, his soul went to Hashem (G-d) and demanded that his decedents will live in the Holy Land (Israel) because he claimed that he is the son of Abraham, and Hashem promised that Abraham's children will live in the land of Israel. As it is written in the Hebrew Bible, it does not say that Abraham blessed his son Yitzchak (Isaac) with Israel (Jacob) - this is written only in other works including Talmud and midrash). Hashem said, I will grant Yishmael's request in the merit of his brit (circumcision or covenant). However, since your (Yishmael's) brit is imperfect, without priya (separation of the inner layer of the foreskin from its outer layer), therefore your descendants will only live in Israel (the Holy Land) for a limited time.

Hashem told Yishmael that for each of his (age) 13 years, when you will do your bris (the age at which Yishmael was circumcised), I will give you 100 years, ie. a total 1300 years. Rabbi Shimon says that 10 years before the end of this period, I (Hashem) will give a sign in the world that not only is the end of Yishmael's time in Israel nearing, but the unlimited time has also arrived for Jews to be in their land. This is very clearly written in the Zohar in 2 verses: Vayera (where Sodom and Amora {Gemora} is destroyed), and the end of Balak (the King who wanted to defeat Israel, before they entered the land at the time of Moses). Here it is written that in the end of days, Yishmael will take a fiery sword and will cut down two towers in the capital city of Edom right before Rosh Hashanah. From this time, Yishmael will spill a lot of blood all over the world, and will cause much suffering for Jews and Israel, and when he seemingly wins, he will fall.

The Zohar also states "Come and see; when vav arouses toward heh, supernal wonders will arise in the world and the Reubenites will instigate wars throughout the world." The Reubenites are considered Bnei Reuven (Children of Ruben) or Bani Rabbani better known as The Taliban who were influenced by Islam, but still maintain some Jewish practices. 

So, 1290 years from the Islamic conquest of Spain considered Edom, the westernmost conquest of Europe, which follows the Daniel prophecy was the year 2001 and 10 years later, 2011 was the beginning of the Arabic Spring. In the language of the Zohar, Hashem's reward for Yishmael was made complete. From 2011 their mazal (fortune/constelations) will continue to fall until their complete crash until they leave all the borders of Israel.

The Vilna Gaon continues: It is also written of the end of days in the Passover haggada; there were 10 plagues. One of them was hail, the midrash concentrates on this plague. The midrash confirms that the hail stones were not only fire inside ice, but it was ''slo'im'' (from 'selah' which means a cliff). When Moshe stopped the hail that fell on Egypt, part stayed in the air in order to fall on the enemies of Israel at the end of days.

A grandson of Israel's first Chief Rabbi, Rav Kook also told me (Eliyahu Bunin) personally of this. Rav Kook united these 2 things, the midrah says SLO'(Y)IM is a hint towards Israels neighbors found in the first letters of their names: Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan (Yarden) and Egypt (Mitzrayim). It will not be hail that falls, but the countries will fall. Rav Kook told me this 7 years before the Arabic Spring.

King David was crowned in the Hebrew year 2884; the mid point of history alluded to in the name of the first born from whom all of modern man descends; Adam - the beginning, David - the mid point , and Moshiach (Messiah) - the end of history. Double the mid-point 2884 made the year 5768 (2008) the end of history. President Barack Obama, the 44th was elected in 2008, so what does it mean the 45th will not arise? Perhaps an allusion to a woman President, maybe a businessman, maybe a President who must accept Israel’s dictate of foreign policy, or some other unforeseeable occurrence? In any event, we are living through remarkable times as the inherent character of man is revealed!