Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Excavation Update from City of David

Montague Parker Map - click to enlarge
Immediately adjacent to and above the recently announced Spring Citadel comes exciting new results from The City of David that includes the discovery of a new wall, which was mapped by Montague Parker almost 100 years ago. (see video) The map details many other features not yet seen in any of the excavations. The present site, approximately bounded by the rectangular area marked on the map, is expected to yield new discoveries.  
The circled area is most interesting to  me because it is immediately west and northwest of  the area marked ‘G’ (south) adjacent to the (colored) matzevah or monument that was discovered several years ago and which I have written about extensively.  
Some of the labyrinth of interconnected tunnels and walls around Area ‘B’ have recently been confirmed and can been seen exposed as the ground levels being excavated start falling. Behind (north) of the area marked ‘B’ also highlights the excavation boundary known as the ‘Crack’ which is visible in the next image and was one of the reasons Israeli authorities agreed to proceed with the excavation, primarily to avoid potential danger of landslides.

The Crack looking north

The Crack; ground level now excavated ±2.5 meters lower, looking south at the top of the ancient wall section (probably area ‘B’) exposed for the first time in thousands of years.

Excavated ±2.5 meters down - looking south
Below the visible ground levels in this image lies what I believe will be the most important discovery in post temple Jewish history. In the following image immediately adjacent and south of the room marked ‘G’ lies the room that includes the Matzevah or monument

The most important discovery from pre temple Jewish history?
Nothing equivalent to the image that follows has ever been discovered in Israel. It is unique because it's built on bedrock, is not a grave marker and is located in an area previously used for sacrifices. The stone monument appears to be a granite type rock distinguished by its variegation.

The Matzevah or Monument - Genesis 28:22

In the room adjacent to and south of the Matzevah room are the now famous ‘V’ markings carved directly into the bedrock.

For my theories on this area and its relationship to Biblical and Jewish history I suggest the following reading;

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